Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pocketfull of Eyeballs

What are the best parts of a life? Think about 'em: the peanut-butter covered moments that are as refreshing as a green flav-o-freeze on a ninety degree day.
Hmmmm. Breathing in deep with blue-skied filled eyes; these Sunday afternoon porch beers; the late-night sloments; the split seconds of want; the next to last seconds of shaken open romance; the passion-filled chance that something will go as it should; and it does because of a pocketfull of eyeballs of days-past that warrants the capacity for greatness.
Thank you for your wise words; for the trial times and the cold nights; for the irony; for the laughter in the wake of awake mornings; for being there; for not; for...
Give me your eyeballs - LIFE.
Give them to me!
And I will graft them from your every-day-like pieces and take them as my own. I'll take them from your Can I Get bums, your Here You Go professors, your Pastors, your Priests, your airport-bar wisdom-nugget purveyors, your strangers in line or at a wait-bench outside of a noontime breakfast nook and I thank you for the half-smile hey-nods, the good morning, good evening, and good night; for the five broken noses, the car wreck, the wedding handshakes, the funeral hugs, and for the failure and success that shall surely follow.
I love them.
I need them.
And I will take them from YOU every day. I'll pack'em in my jeans pockets till their full as I carve them from your faces. I'll take them from you as if they were already mine. I'll cut them from you as if your head were the pumpkin of my Jackolantern - sharp-gripped with a short white knife; hand in the skull, fingers swimming in your flat, white-seed-guts; in strait lines and on sharp edges; cutting slowly and gripping tightly, deep-questionly slicing, prodding, and feeling the tip of the end of the dull blade with the tip of the index finger of my other hand as the knife delicately cuts.
Give me your soul.
Every one of you.
Give me the negative of yours and it will be the candle-lit light of mine.
These are my pocketfull of eyeballs.
Thank you for them...
For now,
I will go and give them to a blind man on a park bench that is rightly in the heart of the City.

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